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A few weeks ago on a Saturday night my wife Helen and I have a babysitter and went ORDERED THE CITY. We ghettotube had a few drinks and started talking about Dogging that we discussed in the past but had never done anything about it. With a few drinks in me, I suggested a park in Derby is known as going well, do not think Helen would agree that she surprised me when we go then. So we ghettotube stood up and said our road to Derby. It was November 30 when we got there and parked in the UP. We sat for a moment and I realized just another car a little further. HELEN currently stationed in the need to go to the bathroom, then came out and started walking toward her, when I realized, A MAN GET OUT of the other car and walk a piece of ourselves behind. We got to the bathrooms and ELENA OF INTERIOR points, when this man approached me. ' Beautiful night, you two to take a nice walk,' he said, he said, 'somehow. ' He was an older man, nearing the end of the forties, fifties, well dressed and clean. 'OH RREAL ' he said,' look good to your woman ', 30, blonde, wearing a short skirt and boots BODYAND NICE THIN TOP STRAPPED no bra is. ' Thanks, you are interested, then, ' I replied. ' I love this woman is no longer interested in HOME AND ITS been a while since I heard of this place and thought I'd give it a try ' Helen came out and said :. ' This man wants to go back there, what can you say, ' Helen looked and smiled and nodded. So the three EE. UU. entered the bathroom, I stood at the door, just to make sure that no one appeared, it was Helen leaned against the sink, the man continued and he was leading his hands to the sides, bottom and rose until it was only a little courage and found I began to feel her boobs in her shirt could say to you, which earned him go, and that it was not long before REAVEALED BELTS down and ghettotube her breasts, then began to suck and felt everywhere. for now HELEN REVOKE his pants, and putHis hand and pulled his tail, and then fell to his knees and began licking and kissing his testicles and throughout the tail erect NOW ONLY then without warning, opened his mouth and ghettotube sucked his full length, after five minutes he was ready to exploit it up and turned around, lifted her skirt and ripped your mail spread her legs a bit and grabbed the tail, almost on the edge of her pussy licked the rest with ONE PUSH iN STRAIGHT SWIFT. I could not believe it ghettotube to be and see my wife Helen fucked over the sink, but not last much longer, because the man suddenly could no ghettotube longer stand on his fastball and not just UP FREE cum in her pussy months gave the Thanks to her, then pulled his pants and disappeared into the night, HELEN gOT dress and we agreed to return another night.
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